Own these limited edition FlokiZap NFTs and you will be able to unlock our unique $FLOKIZ NFTwear. Each NFT stands for three pieces of $FLOKIZ NFTwear in total.

• The first buyers of the FlokiZap NFTs will receive a unique NFTwear Gjermundbu (beanie) and Gjermundbu Mail (shirt).

• Another snapshot of the FlokiZap NFT holders will be made after 10 days and those who hold the NFT at that snapshot will receive the unique Lamellar (hoodie).

• You probably ask yourself what makes these pieces of NFTwear so unique? Each piece will be unique because the wallet address that bought the NFT for the first time, or holds the NFT at the moment of the snapshot, will be included in the design of the NFTwear.

• Shipping will take place within 14 days after the snapshot has been taken, for both the first buyers as well as the snapshot NFT holders.

• Hold a FlokiZap NFT and join the private FlokiZap NFT chat. From here one of our admins will take over and makes sure you will receive your custom NFTwear which suits your taste and size.